During her first snorkelling in the Indian Ocean at the age of 71, Leni Riefenstahl discovered the underwater world to herself. She learned diving, and during her fifth career, she published the two considerably noticed illustrated books »Korallengärten« (The coral gardens) (1978) and »Wunder unter Wasser« (Wonders under water) (1990).
For the diving examination, her date of birth was changed from 1902 to 1922 for at her age she was not allowed to make a diving certificate. The greater was the amazement when she disclosed her secret at the party on the passed examination. Today, at the age of 95, she is considered the eldest female diver in the world, and she has passed already more than 2,000 diving runs.
Leni Riefenstahl has visited the most beautiful coral gardens in the world outside the coast of Kenya, in the Red Sea, in the Caribbean, in the Maldives, in Indonesia and in Cocos Island in the Pacific - the dream of all divers - since there is no other place in the world one can find so many different sharks.
A further enhancement is the dreamlike reefs in Papua New Guinea. Leni Riefenstahl captured in all these places underwater subjects on hundreds of pictures fascinating by their composition and lighting effects. Since million of years precious gardens have been lying on the bottom of the oceans and an innumerable number of living beings of breathtaking blaze of colours and fantastic bizarre forms are prospering there - an enchanted fairy-tale world.

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Photos: Leni Riefenstahl

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Flamingo tongue snails on a sea fan
The Bahamas - the Caribbean