Due to repeated complaints in respect of various „Riefenstahl Exhibitions“ which have been opened to the public in recent months we would like to inform you, that these exhibitions have not been authorized by Mrs. Riefenstahl herself nor by the Riefenstahl estate. These exhibitions were devised without any assistance of the Riefenstahl estate which also did not make available any archive or other picture materials.

A cooperation between Mrs. Riefenstahl and one or the other likely initiator of these new exhibitions may have taken place back in the years 1996/1997. This cooperation, however, was ended very soon on the initiative of Mrs. Riefenstahl.

It is our firm belief that without the valuable and extensive archive materials of the Riefenstahl estate no Riefenstahl exhibition can claim to give a complete picture on Mrs. Riefenstahl as did the exhibitions which were shown in former years e.g. in Japan, Italy, Spain and Germany. At the occasion of these earlier exhibitions extensive material regarding the life and the artistic production of Mrs. Riefenstahl were documented and on display. Many thousands of visitors were fascinated. Quite often the exhibition period had to be extended in order to meet the amount of visitors and their great interest.

Quite to the contrary the disappointment of the visitors of the present “Riefenstahl exhibitions” seems to be very great. As has been reported to us repeatedly many visitors of these exhibitions after viewing the materials on display have come to the conclusion that the few photographic and documentary materials on display do not do justice to the life and the work of Mrs. Riefenstahl. A number of these visitors has consequently addressed complaints to the estate, as they wrongly assumed, that we were connected with these exhibitions. This is not the case.

The statement made in connection with one or the other of the present Riefenstahl exhibitions that the limited number of exhibited photographs was due to the fact, that there is not a sufficient number of Riefenstahl photographs is of course wrong. Quite to the contrary there are many hundred published Riefenstahl photographs. An even much greater number of unpublished photographs still lies in the archives. These photographs, however, may not be used by the initiators of the present Riefenstahl exhibitions without infringement of copyright.

We therefore kindly ask you to address your complaints not to us but to the respective organizers of the exhibitions.


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